Done with Papervision3D. Hate Away3D… Love Away3DLite!

Ok, so the last 2-3 posts were pretty hate filled because a papervision bug almost threw my game in the toilet. People say how much better and similar Away3D is to Papervision, because it’s a ‘branch’ or derivative. But the only similarity you’re likely to see these days is the painter’s algorithm. That’s where the similarities stop. There are several reasons I don’t like Away3D. First of all, if feels bloated. Secondly, you have to create an object to pass parameters in the constructor of every object. Come on. Strongly typed variables or GTFO.

I’m not happy about it. Away3D performance is terrible compared to Papervision3D, and the only way it can possibly be useful is if I use Away3DLite, a minimal ‘branch’ of Away3D. And oh lets see… It’s been optimized and stripped of all the flashy features. Well that’s nice.

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