Molehill is OUT!

So I was watching the FGS feed, blowing my internet cap just to see what was going on, and they announced it. I knew the names of many developers watching along with me when Molehill was announced. To my amazement, molehill demos popped up left and right, and the good ol’ boys at Away3D did a simultaneous release. Long story short, I’m rendering 80,000 triangles with ease, full screen, and 0% CPU usage. It’s an excellent day to be a flash programmer! Here’s some Away3D screenshots for ya.  🙂

And here’s the link so you can try out the demos.

ShowAll, 100%, draw, compositing, and a quadcore computer.

After a little debate in FGL chat about framerate (30 looking choppy and 60 being smooth), I went and looked back on an earlier version of my engine. At that point I had lighting implemented, and was able to have around 500 triangles with a rock solid 60fps. The old engine wasn’t too optimized, and wasn’t built for garbage collection, so I went in a new direction.

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Away3DLite and new recording software

Engine was stripped down, rebuilt using Away3DLite. Now I have to turn it back into a game.

Pretty huh? Too bad it's not a game yet.

Pretty huh? Too bad it's not a game yet.

Well, what can I say? Switching to Away3DLite was a larger task than I thought it would be, and now that things seem to be working, I’ll have to copy / paste a lot of my old work back into the project, and adapt it to work with the rebuilt engine. Isn’t making games fun?

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3d rendering in flash.

Been playing around with different rendering engines. Each has their own set of features, and I’m not sure what I want to use.

Found a good list here:

Now that alternativa has been released, I’ll probably try it out. My project currently uses papervision3d, and I was planning on moving to the much smaller ND3D, but it’s missing some essential features (UV tiling, multiple viewportlayers). I might also try out Away3d Lite, seeing as it gives good performance, has the features I need, and it’s not TOO much different than papervision. Going to do some peformance tests because rendering speed is all that matters!!!!