Molehill is OUT!

So I was watching the FGS feed, blowing my internet cap just to see what was going on, and they announced it. I knew the names of many developers watching along with me when Molehill was announced. To my amazement, molehill demos popped up left and right, and the good ol’ boys at Away3D did a simultaneous release. Long story short, I’m rendering 80,000 triangles with ease, full screen, and 0% CPU usage. It’s an excellent day to be a flash programmer! Here’s some Away3D screenshots for ya.  🙂

And here’s the link so you can try out the demos.

Is Papervision3D really dead?

So I’ve noticed there hasn’t been too many updates on Papervision recently, and it’s understandable because there hasn’t been much out there to increase performance, even though I see away3d constantly getting updates. I don’t really care for Away3D. Away3D performance is poor, and I got started with Papervision, so I tend to stick with it. Not to mention the documentation that’s already out there. And now I see on the forums that the project has been pretty much abandoned, even with Molehill around the corner! What the hell guys? Do I really have to move to Away3d?

EDIT: Now that I’ve played with the Away3D Molehill demos, it looks like I’ll be switching to Away3D once Flash Player 11 is released. Until then, I’ll stick with Papervision because it can push more triangles in more DisplayObject3Ds. Papervision still draws faster than Away3DLite, so until Molehill is widely adopted, there’s no point in changing renderers. They’re very similar anyway, so the switch will be easy.