Modeling Video

I forgot to post this here. I made a little timelapse of me making a spaceship model. Its not a very good model but hey, its a neat video. I was planning to make a lot more videos but I’ve been having a lot of interruptions at home. My in-laws are visiting soon so don’t expect to hear much from me for a while.

3 Day RPG

A bunch of us devs decided to make life harder by compounding multiple layers of gamejams at one moment. Besides crunch from OneGameAMonth I now have to finish an RPG in 3 days. I’d like to thank TheVillageBlacksmith for getting me involved in such a crazy plan. Worst case scenario, at least I have something for OneGameAMonth.

img1 img2 img3

It’s all very early stuff that probably won’t get finished, but at least it’s good practice. Who knows though. Maybe I’ll find an artist to do it up right? And check out DAT CAPE!

I don’t know what rules were in place or if everything was supposed to be from scratch, but I’m the only one using Unity so I feel that I have to prove something to everyone.


Here’s a video:

Sorry for the absence!

I’ve been away from the internet for a very long time, as you may or may not have noticed. I’ve done a bit of prototyping while I was gone, and played with Unity and UDK a bit. Unity is very interesting, and depending on how the flash market goes, may be the next option for me to make games. Anyway, now that I’m in contact with Andrew Sandifer (The Village Blacksmith) I’ll be finishing up The Dummy Game. Here’s a pic or two… or 4.

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Sexy Lights


Posting an updated screenshot for my blog readers to see. Things are coming along nicely, huh?

Setting up some smarter ogmo layers so editing lights and foreground elements will be easier. Hooked up the lights to the levers/circuitry system. It’s awesome.