Collaboration and G+

So what have I been doing lately? Other than working on my overcomplicated game that I fear will never get finished, I’ve been collaborating with The Village Blacksmith on a nameless game that he started.

For now it's being referred to as 'That Game'

I’ve been massaging Nape into the gameplay, and I’ve been throwing in different things like enemies and cutscenes.

Our helpful scientist extends our enemy class. TAKE THAT!

Been doing a lot of talking on G+. It has completely replaced my Facebook and Twitter, although I’ll check those occasionally. It’s just a better tool. There’s no other way to explain it.

I find that it’s a great place to find an audience and start a conversation. If you like my blog, than you should probably add me on G+. Add me to your circles, +1 some posts, whatever!

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