FlashPunk and Nape

At least the 7 hour drive was fun.

My wife and I left to visit family in Oklahoma in late May. We were given the gas money to get there, but once we got there, family drama, apartment fires, car problems, and other crap ended up leaving us broke at a friends house.

I don’t even remember this picture. Laughed hard when I found it on my camera!

The first thing to blow up our faces was staying with family. We had planned to stay only a week or so, but this wonderful fire ended up leaving us stranded. A neighbor disposed of their cigarettes in a bucket, and the bucket full of cotton filters went up in flames. Luckily my friend David was cool enough to let us stay with him.

Isn’t it just wonderful?

David’s place had internet when we got there, and I downloaded my game files through Dropbox. I talked to him about basic programming, and downloaded FlashPunk to show how easy it is to get started. I downloaded Nape to show him how I could easily add physics, and because FlashPunk with basic inheritance makes prototyping a breeze, I had recreated my platformer in about 3 days.

FlashPunk’n my butt off!

I recorded a little time lapse of the process. Unfortunately Sony Vegas added some sort of motion blur, but it looks cool anyway.

More of the story soon!
EDIT: I’ve changed the site a bit. Looks shiny huh?

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