Cube2D SpeedCoding

I don’t really like having posts littered with videos, but since I uploaded so many recently, I figured I’d throw it all in one post. If you’d like to look at the playlist on Youtube, you can find that here:

If you want to watch my time lapse videos of my Cube2D engine being constructed, check out my Youtube channel. I’ve been uploading videos all day!

3 thoughts on “Cube2D SpeedCoding

  1. I hope you post more.
    Its nice to see someone interested in 3D flash

    How come you’ve never tried Alternativa’s 7.8.0 engine ( Extremely simple to figure out as well )?
    It SEEMS faster in my opinion, even when comparing to Away3D LITE.

    One more thing.
    Could you attempt making a 2D dynamic lighting engine?
    I’d really like to see how you’d achieve this in flash.

    Got any blogs you could recommend? I really like to read these!
    Love the blog, and I’m glad you’re back!

    • I played with Alternativa briefly when they decided to make it free. In my experiments, sorting and plenty of other things seemed better, but I was never able to achieve the same framerate given the same number of triangles in a scene. Perhaps I’ll give it another try, but if FP11 comes out any time soon, I’ll probably be pushing for Away3D + Molehilll.

  2. Well when I tried to benchmark both engines Alternativa3D turned out to be the fastest.
    Best thing about Away3D is it being open source, and always has been free.

    I might go with Away3D when molehill is officially released as well.
    Seems like Alternativa wants more commercial use out of their engine, instead of a indie unknown game developer.

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