Quick and dirty film grain effect

First of all, I think I’m done with daily blogging.  It’s too stressful, and I still post pretty often, so don’t worry. It becomes a problem when I have to post every day though and all I can come up with is lolcats. I’ll try posting some development related things soon. I’ll also be cleaning up the blog again at TVBs suggestion.

Now onto some game stuff.

It’s a zombie shooting game! Of course I’m going to add film grain! It makes things more gritty!

Film Grain Effect

Film Grain Effect

I was originally going to use the Noise function of the bitmapdata, but found that things run much more smoothly when you use a single bitmap and scroll it across the viewport. So I created an extra wide bitmap full of noise / grain, and simply scroll it across the screen each frame. When it reaches the end of the bitmap, it sets x=0 and starts over! If you need some noise but don’t feel like opening photoshop, feel free to use the image below.

Wide Film Grain - Free to reuse!

Wide Film Grain - Free to reuse!

Anyway, it’s a simple effect, and I think it looks great. Reminds me of the film grain from Left4Dead, which has been my inspiration for this game. L4D and Doom. Heh, I’m making 2D Left4Doom.



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