Level Editor UI – It’s getting there…

UI Colors

UI Colors

I changed a few colors and tried to give all of the editor controls a more unified look. Changing the parameters in the editor will make changes to the current object in real time. This will make previewing changes much easier. I also added more camera controls on left. Originally I wasn’t going to include them, but my wife says she’d be more likely to use the UI controls rather than using the keyboard.

I guess it IS supposed to be geared towards casual players, so it’s good to have a casual gamer wife to point me in the right direction. I’m also thinking about scrapping the WASD+Mouse for a simpler control style. It would also allow me to make it a 2-player on the same screen sorta game, which me and the wife can really enjoy after setting up XPadder. Playing flash games with an Xbox 360 controller is pretty fun!



Anyway, I feel that I’m spending too much time blogging about game development and not spending enough time actually developing anything. I’ll probably make another post before I go to bed if I accomplish anything awesome, but don’t get your hopes up. Back to slaving over a hot keyboard!

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