Daily progress updates. Oh hey it’s 2011!

Hey! Its 2011! Looking back on 2010 all I can see is failure. I didn’t get any of my game projects off the ground, and my engine is still in development. But hey, at least my house didn’t catch fire… (*looks around cautiously for any spontaneous fires*)

New Years Resolution

I figured that if I’m going to make a blog post each day, it should probably be about my current game project and research. Not to mention that my mom is still paying my bills, and is constantly asking me how that game’s doing and when it will be finished. I’ve told her to check my blog, but honestly it doesn’t lay things out well enough.

I’m reorganizing my blog to make things a bit easier to find. I’ll be adding a Daily Development category so everyone can track my progress, and to have some proof that things are getting done. I still haven’t come up with a name for my zombie shooter, but I figure it’ll come to me later in development.

My resolutions for this year include selling as many games as possible, getting involved with some of these game development competitions, and going to FGS. I’ll also strive to make daily posts detailing my progress, and other things I find around the internet that would be interesting to a flash game developer. By the end of the day I should always end up with some sort of text, picture, code, or video to share with my audience! Hell, tonight I plan to have the editor in a pretty decent working form. Maybe I’ll post a SWF for testing! Who knows?

Mario Boxes

Mario Boxes

Anyway, I’ve been talking to some of my old gaming friends from Garry’s Mod, and a few have noted that my engine is a 2D GMod wannabe. I’d have to argue against that, except for the fact that my game plays almost entirely like Mario Boxes, a GMod gamemode that I’ve played quite a bit. But hey, GMod is still bringing in money, so what’s the problem?

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