Indie game development – What an awesome world!

OK, maybe it’s from lack of sleep… Maybe it’s because I’ve stayed up all night and morning reading from various indie development blogs. Whatever the reason, I gotta say that the indie game world is one amazing place.

Molehill Racer

Molehill Racer

I’ve recently come across some developers who’ve tried to document the Molehill source code visible in the Adobe videos just so we can get an early start. Such dedication! So awesome! From Flash to Unity, from browser, phone and even consoles… Everywhere  I look I can find indie devs working hard on their game projects, and making money to boot! I never thought that anyone could be making money with these small 1-2 man game teams until I jumped into it myself.

Sure, some developers make more than others… Some feel that they can live off their game development earnings while others can’t afford dinner, but there’s a lot of people doing it right. There’s a huge amount of information out there for beginning developers and there seems to be a bit of information for experienced developers too! I could sit here listing each developer I follow on Twitter, and list each related blog, but there’s honestly so much out there that the best place to start looking is Google! (Although you’re welcome to check out my twitter page and see who’s awesome on it!)

Anyway, I figure this post is just sort of a big thank you to all the other developers who take time to make frequent and meaningful blog posts. I feel that I’ve been using my blog the way I should be using twitter or facebook, by making small status updates that don’t really mean a lot to my readers… So I plan to fix that soon by posting some tutorials and other meaningful posts.

Level Editor Preview

Level Editor Preview

I’m sure its nice to hear about where I’m at in my development, but I’m sure you’d rather just like to hear about when my project is finished. Expect some new screenshots of my level editor soon though!

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