Away3DLite and new recording software

Engine was stripped down, rebuilt using Away3DLite. Now I have to turn it back into a game.

Pretty huh? Too bad it's not a game yet.

Pretty huh? Too bad it's not a game yet.

Well, what can I say? Switching to Away3DLite was a larger task than I thought it would be, and now that things seem to be working, I’ll have to copy / paste a lot of my old work back into the project, and adapt it to work with the rebuilt engine. Isn’t making games fun?

So I’ve made the switch to Away3DLite, partially because of a memory issue in Papervision, and partially because I figured it’s time to move to something that gets update more frequently.

Coming from a Papervision3D background, I generally dislike Away3D and the way it is set up. The constructors seem dumb to me, and Away3DLite is pretty limited. I’ve had to create a new cube primitive that acts more like the cube in Papervision, although I must say that it’s nice to only use 1 material and set tiling on the cube surface, instead of setting maxU and maxV on the material itself.

Anyway, long story short, my game got kicked in the nuts, and I am attempting to heal said nuts with Away3DLite. Perhaps I’ll be able to help more people switch, seeing as Papervision3D seems to be dead.

Yeah, like that.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’ve switched from some crappier recording software (which I loved except for the fact that when I switched to Away3DLite, it bugged out hard as hell), to VHCapture. It’s nice. Not enough options, but it records well!

The game stays at a rock solid 60FPS, but I noticed some lag in the video playback, which I assume is the recorder’s fault. I’ll tinker with the options…

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