So I started to notice a little bit of a performance drop, and I could swear I smelled memory leak. I’ve been using an older version of FlashDevelop, and noticed that the newer versions came with a memory profiler! Awesome!

Long story short, Papervision3d has some problems with ViewportLayers. I submitted some issues to the googlecode and how to fix some of them, but now I have to trace down what’s doing this…. Or… I could switch to Away3D.



Even though the performance is worse than Papervision3D in all of my testing, Away3D has much better support for ViewportLayers… Or I guess it’s just ‘layers’ now. Sorry Papervision3D. Maybe I’ll come back to you whenever you get patched up. I just can’t deal with Papervision3D’s terrible ViewportLayers. They’re unfinished. I submitted a bug report on the googlecode and posted a minor fix, but it still leaks memory. Spewing it everywhere!


I’ll be using the ‘lite’ version of Away3D. I like things small, and I don’t need anything more than cubes and viewport layers… Actually, upon further inspection, I don’t see how you tile UV coordinates with this piece of crap. All I see is this bitmapMaterial.repeat(), which is just a boolean, not a tileX or tileY…. Quick google search pulls up some people complaining about it….. God damn it, time to start digging. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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