Command console ready to go!

Been working hard on my game. Recently broke the renderer, but hey, at least I have a fully functional console now!

You can also see my radial menu in the back there. Eventually everything will fall into place!

You can also see my radial menu in the back there. Eventually everything will fall into place!

I know it isn’t much, but things have been moving slowly for me. Here’s a picture!



I’ve got culling and whatnot to work, and things seem to run pretty smoothly, until I go over 1000 triangles. Additionally, I’ll have to look deeper into my culling code, because I’ve been noticing small dips in framerate when I have 1000s of objects off-screen. Perhaps I need to throw culled entities into their own array or find some other way to optimize everything. I’ll figure it out eventually!

Oh, and here’s my FGL icon for Dynamite Max. I know this is something I should probably do later, but oh well!


4 thoughts on “Command console ready to go!

    • LIES! Have fun with your IE6 users! They’re still there. And there’s no sound support! HTML5 is still in it’s infancy and flash is tried and true. I’ve been on both sides of the argument, originally hating flash, but now I’ve come to accept it as a powerful development tool. I don’t recommend using Flash for building website layouts, but if you’re wanting to make an online game where your users don’t need an extra plugin, Flash is the #1 choice with 98% browser penetration.

      Steve Jobs can keep telling us that Flash isn’t needed, but it’s one of the most requested features. He say’s it’s not open to developers but it is. The flex compiler and development SDK is free for anyone. I don’t even use the Flash IDE anymore. I use FlashDevelop. Not to mention that every time a new apple product is demoed, you see a ‘missing plugin‘ on any website they try to bring up!

      Job’s just wants total control of their users. If they allowed flash on their phone, people would play free games, and stop buying from the Appstore.

      I could go on and on about why HTML5 isn’t a flash killer, performance being a large part of it.

      Also, with HTML5 your code IS TOTALLY VISIBLE! Not very good for us game developers who try to keep our source code a secret. Also, Flash is FINALLY getting hardware acceleration in 2011! HOORAH!

      • Regarding performance, Flash uses a lot of CPU cycles & hence is a major battery killer on mobile devices. as to code visibility, you can always use PHP to hide it.

        In any case, I was just kidding. Neither technology is perfect, & both are better at some things than at others.

        You can see my HTML5 video implementation (with subtitles!) at Drupal Tutorials; I’m using the VfE implementation.

        • Nice videos. As far as hiding things with PHP, it’s sort of difficult to hide code that need to be run on the client. I have no idea how you’d hide HTML5 without using encryption. SWF isn’t perfect either, but there’s encryption and obfuscation tools out there. I just can’t wait for 3d acceleration in Flash.

          A lot of my peer flash developers don’t like the idea of 3d in flash, and feel that it will end up making their jobs harder. They already have a hard time making a living with 2d games as it is. But I love 3d and feel that it’s going to bring nothing but good. A lot of the rendering performance issues with flash are going to be put onto the GPU.

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