Distractions and experiments!

So today I was playing around and making some new skins for my enemies and my main character, when I decided to do this…



11:43 PM – Urby: looks like he fell in a trash compactor
11:43 PM – [MT]OMalley – TrentSterling: rofl

Doing this made me think about adding a character editor to my game, but then I slapped myself in the balls. I need to get other things finished first.

Added enemies!

Ow my face!

Ow my face!

OK, so it’s just a mummy without the ability to pathfind… He can still chase you around pretty well, and it’s a good preview of what’s to come, even though I’ve had comments saying he looks more like a frosted mini-wheat than a mummy. I’ll have to work on it!

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