3d rendering in flash.

Been playing around with different rendering engines. Each has their own set of features, and I’m not sure what I want to use.

Found a good list here:

Now that alternativa has been released, I’ll probably try it out. My project currently uses papervision3d, and I was planning on moving to the much smaller ND3D, but it’s missing some essential features (UV tiling, multiple viewportlayers). I might also try out Away3d Lite, seeing as it gives good performance, has the features I need, and it’s not TOO much different than papervision. Going to do some peformance tests because rendering speed is all that matters!!!!

2 thoughts on “3d rendering in flash.

  1. Hey Trent, thanks for the link… Which 3D engine did you decide on in the end? I guess like you said it’s a choice between Away3DLite for speed and Alternativa for the extra game engine features. Suppose you could wait for FP11 / Molehill too, as those tech demos look amazing 🙂

    • Alternativa is far too limited from my perspective. Sure, it can pump out triangles, but I don’t like being stuck with a fucking SWC with no source. Away3dLite is nice, but Papervision3d is faster. (as far as my tests go)

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